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Reiterzeit will offer printed photos or digital photos in JPG format (size of images: 3088 x 2056 or 3456 x 2304 – Dimensions may vary slightly) at the following prices. Preview pictures on the website are compressed.

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All prices are inclusive freight and packaging in the EU (other countrys at request). Delivery time: approx. 4 - 5 days (photos), 1 week (poster, photos on canvas). The photos are intended for private use only and may not appear on websites or social networks or be used commercially.

Photo (gloss): 10 x 15 cm: 22,90 EUR/itemPhoto (gloss): 13 x 18 cm: 22,95 EUR/itemPhoto (gloss): 20 x 30 cm: 23,50 EUR/itemPhoto (gloss): 30 x 45 cm: 24,95 EUR/itemPhoto (mat): 10 x 15 cm: 22,90 EUR/itemPhoto (mat): 13 x 18 cm: 22,95 EUR/itemPhoto (mat): 20 x 30 cm: 23,50 EUR/itemPhoto (mat): 30 x 45 cm: 24,95 EUR/itemPhoto on canvas: 20 x 30 cm: 74,50 EUR/itemPhoto on canvas: 40 x 60 cm: 107,20 EUR/itemPhoto on canvas: 50 x 75 cm: 129,50 EUR/itemPoster: 20 x 30 cm: 41,00 EUR/itemPoster: 30 x 45 cm: 44,00 EUR/itemPoster: 40 x 60 cm: 50,00 EUR/itemPoster: 50 x 75 cm: 55,00 EUR/item

Commercial use

Indefinite use + copyright per photo: 50,00 EUR*Indefinite use without copyright per photo: 150,00 EUR**
*The copyright (e.g.: Photo by, ©, Photo by Meike Rath or ©Meike Rath) must be noted in the photo - compulsory naming the author.
**A source does not need to be noted on the photo.

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If you order multiple photos a discount is possible. If multiple photos are ordered, the shipping costs will be reduced accordingly.

If the indication of the source in ordered photos with copyright, is missing or unclear, a surcharge of 100 % will be charged on the calculated price. A legitimate claim for damages is when a violation of copyright law exists.

Copyright: All photos on this site must not be copied, published in any way or used for similar (eg sales ads.) without explicitly written permission of Violators will be displayed.

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